About JH Plastics, LLC

With decades of experience, JH Plastics offers plastic machining, fabrication, and distribution for industrial, construction, and residential applications. Whether you need a replacement part or a large custom job, our Lehigh Valley shop can accommodate your needs.

Our business practices put you in touch directly with the problem solvers. This allows us to get you quotes and timelines quickly, so your projects won’t get held up with questions.

Our customers include pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, chemical and food manufacturers, semi-conductor manufacturers, product designers, and local restaurants. We also provide retail sales. For more information about JH Plastics or to get a quote, please contact us.

One of our featured projects is our collaboration with Vycom, MTS design+manufacture, and Lehigh Valley Plastics. We worked together to donate “The Fallen Soldier” sculpture to Jim Thorpe’s existing Vietnam memorial. Read more about it in Vycom’s press release.